All year long we have special days to celebrate whether it’s an historic event or simply an appreciation day, sometimes we are all that busy that we don’t even stop to think of them. 

From the 25th August through to October we are celebrating some of these and we are inviting you to join us along the way. We have related some of our fantastic and fun course’s to these special days, and offering 10% discount the course when you enrol on the selected course that day.

If the date falls over a weekend then those who book on the next working day will receive the 10% discount.  The telescope’s 401st birthday falls on Bank Holiday Monday.  Anyone who books the Astrology course on Tuesday 26th will receive the discount.

Below is the list of offers.   Don’t forget to call us on 0800 6226 157!


25th August – Astrology, The Telescopes 401st Birthday


26th August – Dog Grooming, Dog Day


30th August – Small Animal Care, Holistic Pet Day


4th September – Freelance Journalism, Newspaper Carrier Day


5th September – Effective Communication, Bring your manners to work day


10th September – Marine Biology, ‘Free Willy’ Was returned home


25th September – Counselling and Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy Day


28th September – Retail Management, First Penny Bazaar was crated


5th October – Teaching Assistant/Higher level Teaching Assistant, Teacher’s Day


16th October – Diet and Nutrition, World Food Day