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We are really excited to introduce a new Retail Management course to our subject range.

Retail is defined as the selling of merchandise directly to the consumer, which affects all of our daily lives and interests many people.  This is why we have chosen it as a new course to offer our students.

What Is Retail Management?

Retailing began several thousand years ago with peddlers hawking their wares in the marketplaces.

Since then it has developed and forms a major part of our society and every day life.

There are many forms of retailing, it can consist of the sale of goods or merchandise from a fixed location, such as a department store, boutique, or by mail and the goods can be bought in large or small quantities.

Retail is not limited to shopping in department stores, retailers also supply a service to members of the public, which can include supplying a public utility like power or a food service, such as in a restaurant.


“Shopping” is generally the term used when consumers are visiting retailers in order to buy goods or services. We also now have phrases like “retail therapy”, which goes to show just how important retail has become.


Our Course

This course aims to provide you with knowledge needed to work in the retail sector, covering: selling, service, team working, health and safety, dealing with theft and product knowledge. Covering a variety of specific product areas, it’s ideal for those already working in the retail sector looking to progress, or for those looking to work in the sector who’d like to increase their knowledge.

Here are the twelve course units you will work through:

  • Retail
  • Classification of Retailers
  • Population Trends
  • Store Layout and Image
  • Ordering and Receiving Function
  • Security
  • Merchandising
  • Housekeeping
  • Customer Relations and Buying Behaviour of Customers
  • Stocktaking
  • Staff
  • Budgets



Some other great advantages of this course are that it doesn’t have any entry level requirements, and you can complete it at your own pace.

You will have a number of assignments to complete, each consisting of several mini essay questions. This course has been accredited through the Focus Awards “Focus on Quality Provision” (FQP) Scheme. The course content and depth of study required have been benchmarked against Level 3 on the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF).


For more information on this exciting new course visit and see how you can enrol today!