At My Distance Learning we offer A-level subjects which are the next step up from GCSE level.

Here we will look at our A-level Sociology course to see what it involves and also which jobs it can lead you to.

What Is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human behavior and society, it looks in to social structure, hierarchy, social class and the development of these issues over the course of history.


It is classed as a social science as it uses investigation and analysis to examine society and its functions.

The main focuses of sociology are:

There are also further areas of the subject which have been added over time due to changes and advances in society and scientific knowledge. These include:

  • The Internet
  • Environmental sociology
  • Health, medical and military
  • Political economy

Our Course

This specific course is an A-level accreditation, which is made up of an As level and A2 level which together make a full A-level.

There are two units in both the AS and A2 levels of the course, these four overall units are:

  • Culture and Identity; Families and Households; Wealth, Poverty and Welfare.
  • Education; Health; Sociological Methods
  • Beliefs in Society; Global Development; Mass Media; Power and Politics.
  • Crime and Deviance; Stratification and Differentiation; Theory and Methods.

All of these units include a written exam of two hours or less.

Jobs in Sociology

Sociology covers a very wide area of subjects relating to society, this means there are many various job roles that students can go in to through sociology.


Sectors such as business, criminal justice, health, social services and government all have job opportunities that require the skills and mind set of someone with sociology experience.

If you are interested in doing sociology but don’t really know what career it could lead to then these are a few examples:

  • Social worker
  • Counsellor
  • Social Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Charity worker
  • Human resources

After getting an A-Level accreditation in Sociology you can also progress to university to expand your knowledge further with a degree in sociology or using this A-level to access a different university degree such as journalism.

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