Human Resources

Human Resources is the role within a business or organisation that manages staff from the recruitment process and throughout their career to help them be successful in the role and achieve the goals of the company.

This is important because for employees to get the most from their career they need to be well suited to the job and receive the best training and support which can help them thrive and achieve the best possible results for a business.

Human Resources is made up of many different roles which all help the successful management of a business and its employees.

HR and employees

These roles include:

    • Recruiting new employees which are well suited for a role, while also being aware of the legal obligations of the recruitment process for both employers and the employee. This means being fully aware of the laws when selecting a new employee and being able to implement contracts of employment within the law.


    • Ensure all staff are trained to be able to carry out their job successfully. This includes arranging and overseeing necessary training for employees and managing their progress so that all staff have the equal opportunity to develop further within the job role.


    • Managing employee relations so that there is a positive working environment in which everyone is treated fairly and receives the recognition they deserve. This also involves being aware of rights by law such as holiday allowance, sick pay, job termination laws etc.


    • Being the first point of contact for all administration duties.


    • Managing salary and payroll is also another role for most HR consultants, although in some larger organisations this will have its own department.


    • Organising successful team building activities to help all members of a business work together and get the most from each other.


    • Being able to create and manage records correctly and in an organised way, while also adhering to the law on data protection.


Careers in HR

There are many different careers available for people trained in HR depending on their level of experience and knowledge. Once you are qualified you can get a job as a Human Resources Assistant which will help utilise your skills to assist the HR manager.

Career in HR

If you are looking to go in to a certain level of HR, there are qualifications to progress you onto management level, however you should already have experience of successfully working in a lower HR position for you to be able to progress further.

There are many different job titles which make up a HR management hierarchy, these include:

  • HR Assistant
  • HR Administrator
  • HR Consultant
  • HR Officer
  • HR Manager
  • HR Director

Your skills and experience will determine which level of HR you start your career at and you can then apply for higher positions as you progress and gain further experience. This is another advantage of starting a career in HR as it gives you the opportunity to climb higher in the career ladder into better paid roles, such as management, if you wish.

Our Course

My Distance Learning College offer a Level 3 accredited course in Human Resources which covers all the necessary subject areas needed to be successful in this career.

After completing the course’s nine subject units you will have a full understanding of the following areas of HR:

  • Human Resources Guidelines and Enactment
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Records and Systems
  • Email and Personnel
  • Training and Development

Once you have competed the Human Resources course there is the option to find a job straight away with your new accreditation or further your education in this area by taking the Human Resources Management course.

If you are interested in starting a career in HR then take a look at our course in more detail here.