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When searching for jobs LinkedIn is the social media platform more people are heading to, but why is this? And how can you use LinkedIn to search for jobs?

Linkedin is different to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter because it is a network for professionals. It has 250 million users in over 200 countries and allows you to create and keep connections for business and work related purposes.

Advantages Of LinkedIn For Job Searches

There are many recruitment agency websites posting job vacancies daily, however Linkedin is becoming more popular with businesses looking to take on new employees. This is because LinkedIn offers many advantages to people looking to actively find a new job.

The LinkedIn profile is basically an online CV, however it allows you to connect with other members working in your sector, as well as businesses and related groups.


Some main advantages of using LinkedIn to search for jobs are:

  • Having a profile is free (there is an option to upgrade to a full profile but this is mainly for sales and marketing purposes).
  • Businesses post job vacancies on their pages so building connections can help you find available positions at companies you are interested in.
  • There is a job search tool which allows you to search for jobs using keywords and location.
  • Other LinkedIn members can endorse you for your skills. This means that prospective employers can look at your profile and see that other people have recommended you for these skills.

Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are a few tips to make sure your profile stands out to potential employers.

  • Use a professional looking image, preferably a head and shoulder shot, wearing smart clothes.
  • Make sure your profile is up to date and always add new experience or skills you have gained.
  • Many jobs can come under different titles. To ensure your profile shows in numerous searches use a range of relevant job titles, for example “Marketing Executive | Marketing and Communications Specialist | Social Media Expert”.
  • Follow relevant groups. There are hundreds of groups on LinkedIn to join for subjects you are interested in. Joining these groups can put you in contact with new connections and keep you up to date with industry news.
    Linkedin groups
  • Include keywords across every section of your profile so that you are more likely to show up in relevant searches. Make a list of words that are relevant to your industry and then try and fit them in to your profile.

How To Search For Jobs on LinkedIn

Once your profile is set up and ready to impress future employers you can start looking for ways to build connections and find job vacancies.

Be proactive and search for relevant connections. The more people you connect with the larger your business network becomes, meaning more job opportunities will show up in your LinkedIn feed.

There is a ‘jobs’ tab on Linkedin which allows you to search for positions you are interested in.

LinkedIn Job Search


You can search for a specific job title, company or keyword relevant to the industry you are looking for. This will bring up relevant jobs for you to look at and apply if you are interested.

If there isn’t any jobs that you are interested in straight away then don’t worry, you can set up email alerts and LinkedIn will send you any new job roles that relate to your search.

It’s important to have as many skills and qualifications as possible on your profile to impress future employers, is there a subject you think can help you get noticed when applying for jobs? Take a look at our range of courses, which can be completed in as soon as six weeks, and are a great way of building on your experience and skills to add to your LinkedIn profile to impress future employers.