Being a student is an exciting time in everyone’s life, learning new things and planning for the promising career that lays ahead. However, money can be tight for those of us juggling part time work while we study, so here are seven money saving tips for you to live by.

Prepare Lunch

Take your own sandwich to university

The home student is always on the go and it’s easy to get in to the cycle of eating out, but this will also have an effect on your finances. Try to prepare lunch at home and plan your meals over the course of the week. This way you are budgeting how much you spend on food and have money to enjoy elsewhere.

Use student discount wisely

Use your NUS card

Make sure you apply for an NUS Extra card. They only cost £12 for a year and they entitle you to offers and discounts in many high street shops, cinemas and restaurants. When you need to purchase something, enquire about using your student discount card and save money where you can.

Shop smartly

Buy non-branded food productsWhen it comes to doing your food shopping, make sure that you buy non-branded products. Most supermarkets have their own branded goods that are just as good as the more expensive branded products. Avoiding the branded products will help you make a great saving.

Drink before going out

Drink responsibly

If you’re off out to let off some steam after a long week of studying then you can save money by having a couple of drinks before you go out, saving on expensive club prices when you’re out.

Budget your money

Budget your money

Set yourself a weekly budget for food, socialising and travel. You could even withdraw the money from your bank and leave your card at home so you aren’t tempted to spend extra money that you haven’t budgeted for.

Part Time Work

Get a part time job

A lot of students have part-time jobs or other responsibilities and studies always come first, but if possible why not pick up a few extra shifts here and there to give you that extra little bit of cash.

Avoid takeaway food

Avoid takeaway food

Everyone knows that a student loves a greasy kebab on the way home from dancing the night away; but try not to make this a habit, as this could have a significant impact on your bank balance. Make this a treat once a month after a night out, or perhaps buy in pizzas that you can cook when you get home.

Living by a few of these tips, if not all during your student days will help you to manage money more effectively.

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Money Saving Tips for Students
The temptation to spend money is everywhere when you are at university, and very hard to budget. Here are 6 money saving tips for you to live by.