Being a distance learning student it can be difficult to think about doing a work experience placement when there’s probably a lot going on with your studies, part time work and family life.

However having the necessary experience to go along with the correct skills can be the difference between getting that dream job or not.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to taking out a work experience placement, these include:

  • Getting to know the industry.
    Education is obviously key to being successful in a job, however there are still certain aspects of a work environment that information and learning from courses won’t prepare you for. Work experience allows you to learn what it’s like to be in a real life work situation, which requires extra skills that come from hands on experience.
  • Looks good on a CV.
    Employers are more likely to employ someone who has actual work place experience than someone who doesn’t. It shows you are eager and have used your own initiative to gain useful experience.
  • Learning extra skills.
    A work place environment is the best place to develop wanted skills such as team work, communication and interpersonal skills.

Teamwork and team spirit

  • Chances of a job.
    Successfully completing a work experience placement can often lead to job offers. If an employer has the chance to see how good you are then they’ll want to snatch you up before someone else does!
  • Helps with studies.
    Having the chance to learn skills directly from an industry environment can help you learn and understand your course better, meaning better grades.

How To Secure A Placement

There are a number of ways you can go about securing that ideal work experience placement. First of all approaching companies yourself shows you are enthusiastic and capable of using your own initiative.

Search for local businesses in your area and contact them to see if they offer work experience. It’s better to ring as it is more personal and gets a definite reply, but if you’re nervous put together an email outlining a bit about yourself, your current education and why you are interested in a placement with the company.

Go to your local career services centre or job centre plus and they will be happy to help you look for a work experience placement in your area. There are also other services such as Volunteering England which can help find a suited volunteering scheme for your chosen career.


Placements can also be advertised in newspapers or magazines in the jobs section. Search through your local papers on a daily basis so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Be Persistent

Securing work experience can be difficult as there are so many students fighting for places. Even though it’s competitive don’t give up as persistence pays off.

Make sure you apply for numerous placements at once and if you keep at it something will come along for you.

For further help or advice on work experience for a course talk to your tutor or ask the live help on our website.