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If you are thinking of changing your career it can be a really big step to take. To help you, we have put together some advice on how to know if you are making the right decision and what to do next.

Why Are You Thinking of Changing Career?

First of all you need to ask yourself why you are thinking of changing your career. Everyone gets stressed in their job at some point so you shouldn’t make any quick decisions when it comes to changing career. There are a lot of other reasons why you could be unhappy which aren’t related to the sector you work in.

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Some reasons you may be unhappy but don’t necessarily mean you need a change of career include:

  • Being in the same workplace for too long
  • Not getting on with your management or co-workers
  • You haven’t progressed in the job or achieved what you had originally planned
  • Being undervalued by a low pay or not receiving pay reviews
  • Not receiving recognition when you go that extra mile or work late to meet deadlines

If you think any of these reasons could be causing you to want to change career then maybe you should first try looking for a new job at a different company or work place. A change like this can bring a new lease of life back into your job and also help you remember why you got into that career in the first place.

Finding Out What Career You Want To Do

If none of the above apply to you and you have decided a change of career is what you need then you should figure out exactly what new career is best for you.

You should take into account your interests, skills, desired pay, values and most importantly what you enjoy doing most.

Interests and Skills

You need to evaluate what your real interests and skills are. You will already have the skills needed for your current job role but what else are you good at? Try and think of skills you possess which you don’t get to take full advantage of in your job now but that you enjoy using.


When changing career you need to plan your outgoings to make sure you can still afford your current lifestyle whilst you are studying or training for your new job. With distance learning courses this gives you the chance to study in your own time so you can still work while achieving new skills. It is also important to research your new career to find out if it has your desired pay grade, if it does that’s great! However, if it has a lower pay than your current job you need to seriously think if you love the job enough to live on a lower wage.


When deciding on a new career you should decide if it matches your work values. Ask yourself what you want to get from your job. Do you want to help people? Make a difference? Be successful or have an important status? Whatever it is, be true to yourself about what you really want to get out of your career.

What To Do Next

Once you have decided what career you want to go into, you should plan exactly what you are going to need to get into this area of work before you leave your current position.

Research your chosen field to find out if there are specific grades needed, often jobs require a certain amount of experience before you can be hired so make sure you take this in to account as well.

Take a look at our courses to help you decide which subject is best, there are different levels of courses to suit every entry level. You can also do a course taster before you buy to make sure it is something you are going to enjoy before you pay for it.

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